Wisdom Tooth Extractions Mesquite

Giving Smiles the Space They Need

Early humans relied on their third molars to eat dense, hard-to-consume foods. Over time, jawbones have narrowed, and diets have become more varied, causing these molars, also referred to as wisdom teeth, to become unnecessary. At TrueCare Dentistry, Dr. Rana is here to help patients between the ages of 16 and 25 say goodbye to these molars for good. With wisdom tooth extractions, we can create additional space inside the mouth to allow for healthier, better-functioning smiles. Call us today if you or your teenager need assistance.


Why Choose TrueCare Dentistry for Wisdom Tooth Extractions?

  • We Take a Comfort-Based Approach
  • Sedation Dentistry is Available
  • We Welcome Your PPO Dental Insurance

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need to be Extracted?

It’s not always necessary to extract a person’s wisdom teeth; however, if your dentist is recommending this type of procedure, it’s likely that:

  • Your wisdom teeth are impacted, which means they are below the gumline and need to be removed before they press against healthy teeth and move them out of alignment.
  • Your wisdom teeth have partially erupted and are making it difficult to maintain good oral hygiene.
  • You’ve developed one or more cysts because of your wisdom teeth.
  • You are at risk of developing an infection that can negatively impact the health and future of your smile.