Humana Dental Insurance Mesquite

Enjoy a Healthy Smile for Discounted Rates

Did you know your teeth can last forever with the right care? Besides brushing and flossing, you also need to see your dentist at least twice a year. Now, it’s easier than ever to get the care your teeth and gums need because you have Humana dental insurance. You have access to a comprehensive policy that reduces the amount you need to pay to maintain your dental health. At TrueCare Dentistry, we’ll help you invest in a healthy smile by maximizing the value of your dental insurance.


Humana Dental Insurance Coverage Availability & Fees

Dental insurance gives you access to a network of dental professionals committed to helping you reach your oral health goals. By paying your monthly premium, you can enjoy affordable coverage for the services you need, like routine cleanings and checkups. Although every policy differs, most plans include:

  • 100% preventive coverage for cleaning, checkups, and X-rays.
  • 80% minor restorative coverage, like fillings and tooth extractions.
  • 50% major restorative coverage, such as root canals and dentures.

Humana focuses on prevention to lessen the risk of common oral health issues, such as tooth decay. This decreases the need for costly treatment down the road to reduce your overall dental expenses. In fact, every $1 spent on prevention can save $50 on restorative care. Humana makes it easy to see your dentist. Their plans may include 1-2 preventive visits per year for only a small co-payment.

Unfortunately, even with the best prevention, your teeth can be damaged. Now, dental problems don’t need to be left untreated. You can benefit from affordable rates after paying your annual deductible. Humana will pay a portion of the costs until you reach your yearly limit, which is usually around $1,500.

Humana recommends you visit a dentist who is in their network to make the most of your coverage, like our team at TrueCare Dentistry. We have pre-negotiated rates with the insurance carrier to reduce the amount you need to pay out of pocket.

If you’re out of network, we will still help you maximize the value of your insurance policy, but you’ll need to pay the difference between our fees and the amount Humana covers. We will help you find the solutions you need to keep your smile healthy, even if that means splitting the costs across calendar years.

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